Elder Miltmore Washing & Anointing Part 1

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Description: “This was the first cock I’d ever had in my mouth,” Elder Miltmore said, giving Bishop Stevenson’s dick a tug. “I’ll never forget my time here at the mission home.” He and Bishop Stevenson were taking a hot shower together, in preparation for the anointing that would take place immediately afterward. “I’m sure you’ll remember your time here for the rest of your life!” Bishop Stevenson said as he stroked the boy’s cock with one hand, while groping his young bubble butt with the other. Elder Miltmore was really excited. He admitted that after being here for just a few days, he couldn’t stop thinking about all the new things he wanted to try with the men. “I’ve noticed how often you’ve been sporting wood around the mission home,” I said referring to the fact that he no longer tries to hide it, even when walking around in front of everyone. “Yeah, but the boner isn’t completely my fault. Every few minutes here at the mission home, one of the men stops me to give my dick some attention!” Miltmore said. Bishop Stevenson wrapped a big towel around Miltmore, and while the boy dried off he talked him through the anointing process. “Elder Tingy of the Area Authority is going to do the anointing.” Stevenson said, “and I should tell you, he has a huge 10″ cock” “You know what I never knew about myself?” Miltmore asked rhetorically after getting a huge dick slammed down his throat. “I never knew I loved having a guy cum on me…just thinking about it gets me so worked up!”