Only You - Addict to Neito for 24 Hours

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Description: A masterpiece once in a hundred years, Neibiton's long-awaited only piece The ambition of the transformation photographer 's desire, I crowded it all (laugh) CHAPTER 1 With his junior in a locker room .... At the end of the club I found a toy when I peeked out of the locker, I could not win against sexuality and attacked a lot (laugh) CHAPTER 2 My brother came to visit my house! Let's masturbate while showering! that? I feel somewhat of sight .... In this case, let's take away my younger brother's virgin! CHAPTER 3 I've moved and I gotta greet you next door. I got some tea but I drank it, but somewhat strange .... While consciousness was stunned, I was left as it was (seeing) CHAPTER 4 Do not tell me the details Please let me SEX you with you! Great success in the midst of masturbating! The model is surprised to the development of the rain ... I am sorry! (Lol) 百年に一度の逸材、ねいと君の待望のオンリー作品 変態カメラマンの願望、全部詰め込んじゃいました(笑) CHAPTER1 ロッカールームで後輩のあいつと…。部活終わりにあいつのロッカー覗いたらおもちゃを見つけちゃって性欲には勝てずついつい襲っちゃった(笑) CHAPTER2 弟が家に遊びに来た!シャワー中にオナニーしちゃおう!あれ?なんだか視線を感じる…。 この際だから弟の童貞奪っちゃおう! CHAPTER3 引っ越してきたことだし、お隣さんに挨拶しようっと。お茶を貰って飲んだけどなんだかおかしい…。 意識が朦朧としてる中、されるがままにされちゃった(照) CHAPTER4 詳しいことは伝えずにねいと君とSEXしてもらおう!オナニーしてる最中にどっきり大成功! まさかの展開にモデルもびっくり…ごめんなさい!(笑) ※本編にはモデルの目線は入っておりません。
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