Max Cameron And Jackson Fillmore Their Raw Loads

Duration: 55:21 Views: 1.1K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2015
Description: There’s something to be said about the gay men of San Francisco: they’re sure of who they are, which is why Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore are such an appealing couple. As the content writer at Lucas Entertainment, I made a pretty big deal out of Max Cameron’s initial scene with the studio back in “Bareback Auditions 02.” He’s damn cute, and has a body you can sink your teeth into. When you pair him up with his hot otter boyfriend, Jackson Fillmore (who should never shave his beard), it is gay porn magic. Am I exaggerating? Not at all: look at 10:33 and you’ll see why Max fell for Jackson. He knows exactly how to hit Max’s sweet spot, as you can hear from the groans. I'm a fucking copy-paster. I'm so dumb, that I can only copy others releases from And that’s just one instance. Another favorite part is around 34:18 when Max puts on a bit of a balancing act so Jackson can unleash some of his oral skills on Max’s cock, balls, and hole after fucking him (ass-to-mouth!). It’s a great shot showcasing Max’s perfect member. And who am I to forget an incredible cum shot: Jackson’s adorable face is highlighted as he begs for his man’s load, all followed by cum-kisses! A job well done, men.