Spank that (Mickey Knox, Zach Covington)

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Description: We thought about acting out an elaborate scenario explaining why Zach Covington is getting his cute little butt abused by Mickey Knox, but we just like to see guy get his ass spanked cherry red from time to time. So, we offered Zach a little extra cash to let Mickey just go nuts on him. Zach's cute bubbly ginger bum taking some abuse from Mickey Knox's heavy hand is just so sexy without any bells and whistles. Watching his plump round cheeks go from porcelain white to shining red is truly a site to behold. His cheeks shake and jiggle as Mickey really digs into him and gets them both worked up. Mickeys rock hard cock making its presence known early on in the video lets us all know he aint letting Zach go without working himself into an ecstatic climax of hot white cum to round out the day.
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