Billie Ramos & Trevor Lincoln

Duration: 35:31 Views: 2.0K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Billie is back as our bait! It’s been several years since he first appeared on but you’ve probably seen him elsewhere due to his lengthy porn career. He’s been in the porn industry for 9 years now and loves every minute of it. He has plenty of chances to fuck hot guys but he came to the studio in search of straight cock! Trevor Lincoln is this week’s straight guy. He’s single and ready to mingle and at 25, he’s horny as hell. Trevor is an all American guy with blond hair, blue eyes, a hot body, and a beautiful fat cock! Trevor tells Caruso that he’s had a 3 way with a girl and another guy before and isn’t against trying it again. That’s what we like to hear. Both guys take a seat on the couch and work up their cocks. Caruso returns with terrible news… The female talent spent too much time in the sun and won’t be showing up today. But, when Caruso offers double the money to have sex with each other, Trevor caves in. It didn’t take much to convince him because he actually admitted that he’s thought about experimenting with another dude before. This scene is hot and the love making is amazing!
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