Raw Heroes - Scene 1

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Description: It can often be all too glib to call someone a legend, but in the case of Alex Stevens it doesn’t seem too much of an overstatement. Indeed, with a porn résumé that reads like the listing from a telephone directory, this young fellow was very much part of the backbone of STAXUS productions between 2006 and 2008; and this excellent escapade from 2007, which sees him getting banged to within an inch of his life on top of a fire-engine (of all things!) came at the very height of his porn-career and popularity. Of course, what made Stevens such a big star in his day was in part the result of his cheeky, fresh-faced grin and his boyish, petite physique; and in part because he was quite literally one of the greatest power-bottoms of his time. A fact that director Vlado Iresch brazenly took advantage of over and over again – including this ball-busting escapade with Dominic Trojan, whose own porn CV was an equally impressive publication! The two beauties are soon slipping out of their uniforms and frantically giving each other head; before Stevens gets up to his old tricks and plonks himself down, cowboy-style, onto Trojan’s oversized ramrod. Before they can build up a full head of steam, however, they’re joined by George Bellagio, who promptly fucks Stevens’ ass for all its worth before squirting his wad over his back. That leaves Trojan to return to pummelling Stevens alone, before spraying a truly unbelievable wad of hot, pent-up twink-juice all over Stevens’ face! Finally, a sticky, gooey kiss between the two boys concludes what is a magical encounter!