Lieutenant Zach

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Description: Lieutenant Zach is a very physical guy. It was partly that physicality that brought him into Army boot camp. He learned very quickly there, when it is time to play, and when it is time to focus and deliver the goods. He also learned that Army guys can be some pretty horny bastards who are not above jumping to the other side of the fence to satisfy themselves. More than once during boot camp, he walked in on some of his platoon mates getting down to business, and even once an orgy. Zach is also not a very shy guy, and likes to show off his hot body whenever he gets a chance. His thick paws go right to work, and drop down to his crotch to start working his package over, running up and down until the outlines of a nice thick cock start showing. Then he dives his hands underneath to work his cock to a nice thick and stiff rod. Then he lays on his back and shows off his profile while he works himself closer. His massive biceps start to flex harder as he takes deeper strokes. Then his whole body starts to tighten, he bites his lips, and starts pounding his cock. His ass rises off the sofa as he blasts a load high in the air. One shot goes clear over his shoulder before he slumps back onto the sofa, trembling in ecstasy.