Impressive - Stroke That Beast

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Description: Marko Lebeau was pretty impressed with the pics that Mark Fallus texted him. He was anxious to see this guy strip down and play with that 9 inch fat cock. And, Mark Fallus was pretty eager to show off his finest attributes. So this sexually ambiguous jock came down the stairs, stopped midway and started to play with his massive tool and balls. He stripped off his top and revealed a nice inked and chiseled body that went well with the rest of his 5'6' and 180 lbs. frame. Moving then to the couch, Mr. Big Phallus kept stroking it, even double fisting it for our pleasure. Once he stripped off the rest of his clothing, Mark turned around to provide us with an up close look at his ass and butt hole, while playing with and stoking his dick. Mark likes to spit on his cock to lube it up for action. We got a chuckle when he grabbed his water bottle, took a sip and then positioned it next to his weighty tool. The cock appeared even larger than the water bottle. For his finale Mark settled in on the couch and we started throwing pillows at him, which he placed all around him, giving the impression that he was some sort of Arabian sheik... he spewed a load of jizz all over the length of his power cock and on his stomach. Mark was ambiguous about his sexual interests, but he was very comfortable with us and says he is opened minded. So, we'll let you know if this fierce looking jock will be back for more - Mark Fallus aka Mam Steele
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