Alonso & Zane: RAW 2017

Duration: 31:19 Views: 108 Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2017
Description: More MEAT! With a double heaping of cream pie dessert! I have been keeping Zane busy, while Alonso also has been eager to do more videos. I wanted to put these guys together but I felt like I had two Tops. Zane certainly enjoys bottoming, and Alonso did great bottoming his first time with Kevin Reed. But both love to sink their big cocks into a guy's hole. Zane takes on Alonso's cock first, and the dude can take a dick! I wanted Alonso to get fucked last, just in case he could cum from getting fucked. With Zane's big cock, perhaps I was expecting too much. But that means we have double cream pie action, with both guys unloading into each other's asses! Truly Extra Butt Stuffing!