Lifeguard Brian

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Description: Lifeguard Brian is about as sweet as they come from the Midwest, with the accent to match. He started swimming young, and has had the chance to save a couple lives. And who wouldn’t want to get mouth to mouth from a hot young Midwest stud? Brian is not shy about peeling off his shirt to show it off. As his hands wander down to his crotch, his package growing under the denim. In moments he has his pants down to his ankles and hands-on with his thick tool. Then the pants get tossed to the side, and Brian lies back to get down to some serious stroking. He gets right into it, with both hands! Then he jumps to his knees to show off his hot lean profile, before sliding his fingers into his tight hole. His perfectly rounded ass looks hungry for it. He starts pounding his cock as his toes curl and releases a gushing load onto his flexed abs.