Job Security (Dato Foland, Marco Napoli)

Duration: 20:30 Views: 2.1K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2020
Description: Dato Foland works for Marco Napoli as a security guard at Marco’s club. After a busy night, Dato is wrapping up when Marco tells him through the earpiece to meet him downstairs. Marco is waiting for him behind the bar and hands him a check. Dato notices that his pay is short but Marco tells him that he’s not short, he is being fired. Clearly upset, Dato tells his boss to fuck off and throws the check at him and begins to leave. Marco asks him to wait and asks Dato if he would be up to do anything to keep his job. Dato needs the money and agrees on doing whatever it takes to stay employed. In the end, Dato understood that the sexual favor was meant to keep his job but that doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it as much as Marco did. He’s convinced his boss to keep him employed and to keep the check. Russian suited stud Dato Foland fucks Italian suited stud Marco Napoli raw for 'Job Security'.