Lifeguard Levi

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Description: From his poolside throne, Lifeguard Levi watched as girls perched their racks on the edge of the pool, jockeying for his attention (all 18 years old, of course). Underneath his red trunks nested in a bed of blonde flecked pubes was a cock that was always ready for the call to duty. As fate had it, his life-saving skills were rarely called on in any real way. But, no doubt his other skills were in demand. And he is always happy to show off is assets for the appreciative. As a lifeguard, Levi learned more than a few stokes, and he applies them well as he slides his hands under his shorts to work his rod. His other hand presses at his prostate, he peels off his tank top to reveal a lean toned swimmer’s body. His hips grind into his strokes. He pulls the waistband of his shorts low enough to release his cock. Levi turns over on all four and juts his toned ass cheeks in the air as he arches his back. He sweats sexual energy as his body contorts with each stroke. Every muscle tightens as he throws back his head, his body tightens into an arch like a bow, ready to let loose. Cum shots fly from his cock, sprinkling his creamy skin as he releases.