Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks Lance Corporal Roque

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Description: The bond between Marines and their Corpsmen is legendary. Corpsmen go through the same rigorous boot camp and weapons training as Marines, and there is a special bond of mutual respect between them. Navy Corpsman Logan has been away from the Marines for a while, and Lance Corporal Roque is happy to get his Corpsman buddy updated on the latest PT workouts the Marines are doing. It doesn’t take long before they get to more stimulating workouts. Logan is definitely turned on when Roque demonstrates ‘monkey fuckers’. Roque’s butt bobbing in the air quickly starts building a bulge in Logan’s shorts. In moments, these two studs are lip locked in some intense, deep mouth to mouth action. Logan gets down on his knees to unleash Roque’s tool and throat down on it until he works all the way down to the base. Then Logan takes full control of his Marine buddy. He flips him around and bends him over, spits on his hole and starts eating him deep. Roque’s back arches so he can get more of that tongue deep in him. Logan teases his Marine bottom with that thick head before banging it in balls deep. Then Logan flips his bottom over and plows his rod mercilessly in Roque’s hungry ass. Roque begs for more as Logan drives it in deeper in and deeper. Pretty soon Logan is riding right on the edge as his obedient Marine milks his cock. At the last second, Logan pulls out and sprays a huge load all over Roque’s cum hungry hole before driving his cock back in to release those last few drops