Cute rugby pup gets spit-roasted

Duration: 21min 10sec Views: 8 166 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Cute rugby pup gets spit-roasted & splattered by a pair of oversized hunks on heat! (Jonny Kingdom, Christian Martin, Damian Boss) 2014 All that time spent feeling each other up out on the rugby field has clearly left Damian Boss and Jonny Kingdom in a state of heightened sexual charge – a condition made all the more intense by the copious quantities of alcohol these two hunks have clearly been consuming. Under the circumstances, therefore, poor Christian Martin doesn’t ever stand a chance – the cute little twink really is like putty in their hands, and before you know it he’s being manhandled by both studs and forced down... - Jonny Kingdom, Christian Martin, Damian Boss