Jack tries his sex appeal with Jerome 2015

Duration: 31:19 Views: 137 Submitted: 3 weeks ago Year: 2015
Description: Jack tries his sex appeal with Jerome (Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley) 2015 Gay Porno Online HD Here is my confession: I have not watched this video. So I must rely on Dehanoi’s analysis who describes the film as “rather eccentric and at times looks as if Jack filmed it with the camera strapped to the back of a dog”. That said, I cannot deprive you of your monthly Jack fix so, like Pontius Pilate, I wash my hands of this. But unlike Pilate, I insist that everyone stay alive, happy and sexually gratified. This is the first of Jack’s selfies that he ever filmed(not the first you have seen though) so please allow for the learning curve. There is one more home-made video where Jack fucks Jerome, but we decided to release that one later. This is because we have a regular scene featuring Jack, Jerome and Kevin in a fantastic ménage à trois. So, like Dr. Frank N. Furter, another man known for leaving people alive, happy and sexually gratified, I shall leave you to “shiver with shiver with antici... pation!”