Matt Castro & Robert Craig

Duration: 16:56 Views: 12K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Matt Castro tops Robert Craig, who cannot get enough of his raging hard cock. Matt Castro and Robert Craig can feel the energy between them before they even take off their clothes. Robert peels off the t-shirt that Matt is wearing, revealing his beautiful chest. Robert eagerly gobbles down the raging hardon that is straining to break free of the sexy tight briefs Matt is wearing. He takes as much of the rock hard cock as he can down his throat and works it with everything he has got. They embrace and kiss for a nice long while, feeling their boners rubbing against each other, between their flat stomachs. Matt works Robert up to full mast using his mouth to get him nice and horny, then he rams his dick deep into his waiting hole. Matt is a natural top and wastes no time in getting Robert deep into the mindset of craving his ass to be filled with thick meaty cock. And when Matt lays back onto the bed, Robert lowers himself down onto that towering cock and rides it home.