Jonathan Agassi and Pavlvs Guell

Duration: 44min 55sec Views: 19 697 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Lovers Jonathan Agassi and scruffy Spaniard Pavlvs Guell can't get enough of each other and whisper so during their heated makeout. Plaid-clad Pavlvs (pronounced "Paulus") strips to reveal his muscle-daddy stature, bulging, hairy, and ripped. Jonathan turns him over in order to feast his face on his furry friend's sculpted ass, and Pavlvs sucks Jonathan's stiff pole in return. Jonathan slides his cock between Guell's toned cheeks and fucks him until he can't handle the beckoning boner before him and hops on for a wild ride. Pavlvs takes control and nails Jonathan from behind, banging up a storm on the bouncing bed until Jonathan cums across his own stomach and Pavlvs performs a jizzy, live action replay.