Colt Swallows Brant

Duration: 20:49 Views: 3.5K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Now that Colt’s become a member of the dean’s list, he’s not holding anything back to prove just how much he deserves to be there! Going up against Brant’s big dick is no easy feat, buy carrying a massive cock himself, Colt knows just how to cater to his needs. Colt looks up at Brant as he deep throats his cock. Meanwhile Brant’s balls are jumping and flexing, anxious to unload in Colt’s mouth. It’s so hot to see Brant choke on Colt’s dick when he’s sucking him off. His girth looks even more impressive when it’s stretching out Brant’s sexy little mouth. Brant tosses Colt’s salad and follows it up with a good fucking. Colt’s face and moans relay the sensations he’s feeling from Brant’s fucking. He loves it! He puts that dick to work before he lets himself cum- but when he does it’s well worth the wait as he jumps down and wait’s for Brant’s thick load to spray him in the face before licking each drop off his cock!