Reece Rides Chandler

Duration: 16:35 Views: 3.1K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2015
Description: You might think it’s nothing but hot, shirtless guys hanging out shooting hoops or playing football around here. You might think the other guys sit around watching the shirtless studs and get horned up. You might think then, everybody has to do something about it. Which, in a lot of cases, is exactly what happens! Rudy and Chandler are out at the park watching hot newbie Tate show off some of his skateboard tricks. Both guys get so turned on, they start kissing. They take it inside do they can do something more than just kiss! Chandler feeds Rudy his huge cock. Rudy swallows as much of that monster cock as he can. Chandler bends Rudy over the bed and has Rudy spread his cheeks. Chandler slides that dick slowly into Rudy’s hole. Rudy catches his breath as that long dick penetrates. “Oh god, it’s so huge!” he tells Chandler. Chandler lies on his back and Rudy climbs on top. He works his way down, grinding slowly up and down and even side to side on Chandler’s big dick. “That is fucking massive!” Rudy says. Chandler strokes Rudy’s cock as Rudy rides him. Chandler’s deep inside Rudy’s ass. He drills up into Rudy from below. Chandler rolls Rudy onto his side. He slams into Rudy’s ass from behind. Chandler dicks him extra deep with a couple of thrusts. He fucks a load out of Rudy. Chandler pulls out and blasts his load into Rudy’s mouth and all over his face! Rudy sucks Chandler’s cock dry. Whew! Guess it’s a good thing all these shirtless guys hang out around here turning everyone else on!