Holden 2015 Solo

Duration: 18:20 Views: 58 Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2015
Description: Get ready for a heavy dose of personality mixed with a whole lot of handsome! From his outfit choice, his jerking-muscle flexing, to his taste for MILF porn- he definitely kept Pete interested during his interview! His humor reminds me of Tom and Kent’s jokester wit but Holden definitely has his very own brand of sexy manliness to offer CF fans. He has dark hair, light eyes, a great face with a winning smile- and that body! He’s fully equipped with killer v-cuts, light but masculine body hair, and a nice curved cock! Eyes closed, he rubs his body all over and makes jealous of his hands. He makes a mess on the bed when he cums past the towel, spraying the sheets- but that’s not dampening my crush on him one bit!