Kent Pounds Ryder

Duration: 15:51 Views: 123 Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2015
Description: Although it’s been hot to see Kent’s older CFS work up on ACM, we were ready to have the hot blonde stud come back and try out some of our newer men! Ryder certainly agreed and volunteered! Jerking off to one of Kent’s scenes, Ryder is caught with his pants down and greeted with Kent’s hard cock to play with instead! Turning his fantasy into a reality, Kent rubs his sexy body over Ryder and works him up really good before taking him from behind. As gorgeous and as sexually skilled as ever Kent unleashes his testosterone on Ryder. Meanwhile Ryder is over the moon to be conquered by such an alpha! His untouched cock stays nice and hard as his ass gets drilled from above. Then Ryder gets on top of Kent and grinds into Kent’s dick. Kent thrusts even faster and harder as Ryder starts edging and forces a cum out of him! Then he makes Ryder come up so that he can unload on his face! Welcome back Kent!