Brant Bangs Quinn

Duration: 22:26 Views: 342 Submitted: 2 months ago
Description: Ripped, long-cocked, and horny as fuck – there are few things hotter than watching Brant give it to Quinn on Corbin Fisher! You got to love that Quinn has no qualms about gagging on dick, he puts his all into it every time! He looks up at Brant with his gorgeous hazel eyes as if to ask for permission to pleasure him beyond belief, but we know better. Quinn is going to do what he wants. Even when he bottoms, Quinn likes to challenge his partner. Yet Brant is more than well suited for the challenge. When Quinn gets too demanding, Brant covers his mouth and slams into his ass to satiate him. He switches between that and choking Quinn and it’s all Quinn could do to not come right there and then! Quinn takes in the view of Brant’s gorgeous and toned body from below as he gratefully takes his much deserved pounding. Upside down, Quinn cums directly into his own mouth then asks for Brant’s load too!