Avery Dylan Jacks Off! 2015

Duration: 14:48 Views: 487 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Greetings, CockyBoys fans! We are Cilantro C. Guevara and Hugo Harley, guest directors this week at CockyBoys. We've spent our time here working behind the scenes for Jake Jaxson, so when he gave us the chance to shoot a scene of our very own, we jumped at the opportunity. Cilantro loves making movies but has never shot a porno before, while Hugo has an encyclopedic knowledge of porn but not the hands-on experience (wink)! So we work together pretty well, especially after we picked up another newbie to the industry by the name of Avery Dylan to be our star. Considering Avery only just came to the US six months ago from Russia, his English is pretty solid. He was able to tell us all sorts of dirty things he used to do with his ex-boyfriend, and also what he likes most when he gets naked with a guy. Of course, we also had to ask him how to say dirty words in Russian. Somehow, we know that will come in handy someday. Thankfully, gay sex is a universal language so there was no translation necessary when he got naked for us and started to jack off. He has a great body and a pretty thick cock, so all we had to do was let the cameras roll as he did his thing. He was a very sweet guy and we definitely hope to use him again in the future!