Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks Private Tyler

Duration: 29:17 Views: 16K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Navy Corpsman Logan is on his feet all day while he's at the clinic, and after a full day of running around, his dogs are tired and sore. Private Tyler is pretty good at providing relief and gives an awesome foot massage. So he naturally offers Logan some hands-on attention. Logan has big man feet, and Tyler goes right to work kneading them deeply. Logan is clearly feeling it as the bulge in his trousers starts to grow. Tyler's technique includes getting his lips and tongue into the action as he sucks on Logan's toes. With Logan's feet feeling better, Tyler turns his attention to the rest of Logan's body as he works his way up toward his buddy's crotch. Soon they are lip locked and ready to start peeling off some cloths. Tyler goes in for Logan's cock as he releases it to his waiting lips. In moments, Tyler's lips are all the way down to the hilt of Logan's cock as he holds it deep in his throat. Then Logan gets his own lips into the action as he throats down on Tyler's cock. Now that both studs are raging hard, Logan flips his buddy over and gets some deep tonguing action in on Tyler's hot ass. Logan gets a good taste for that hot hole before he sinks his cock deep inside. Tyler arches his back perfectly so Logan can drive it in deep. Once Logan has Tyler's hole ready, he grabs his hips and gives him a major pounding. Then Logan throws his buddy over and goes face to face as he lifts Tyler's legs up in the air. Tyler is loving it and holds Logan's legs tight so he can get every inch in. Next, Tyler jumps to his knees so he can get pounded from behind. Logan throws one leg over Tyler's waist and goes in deep and hard until Tyler can't hold back anymore and sprays a huge cum load all over the sheets and one of Logan?s boots. Then it's Logan's turn as he throws Tyler down and blasts a huge cum load all over Tyler's butt crack until it runs down and over his ball sack before dripping below.