Navy Enlistee Joey And Senior Airman Zach

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Description: Joey is a Navy hopeful that has just enlisted for the time of his life. He is a studly Latino hottie, covered in tattoos and muscles. At his young age, he might be a little wet behind the ears, but is ready to get out in the world and make a path for himself. Senior Airman Zach is no slouch, he has done his time in the service and loved every minute of it. Zach is tall and handsome in his crisp Air Force uniform. His piercing blue eyes and steady gaze size up young Joey who tries to remain cool next to this older stud. No stranger to the military, Zach wants to be sure that Joey knows what he is getting himself into...lots of physical activity, getting yelled at by senior officers and at all times surrounded by dudes. Zach has a test or two for Joey to see if he really has what it takes to make it up the ranks. A rigorous workout ensues and Zach makes Joey break a sweat. After getting Joey a little pumped up, Zach orders him to his knees and grinds Joey's face into his crotch. Joey insists that he is man enough for the challenge, he sets his jaw and takes a cock slap to the cheek. Zach pops his huge schlong into Joeys face again and demands a sucking. He then feeds his hard cock to Joey while chastising him in a deep dirty voice. With his cock good and lubed with spit, Zach really starts the throat fucking and insult hurling to make sure Joey won't crack. To Zach's content, the mouth fucking brings a few tears to Joey's eyes. After Zach roughs up Joey's pink mouth a little more, he takes a knee and shows Joey how real men suck dick. Hard and fast, Zach seems almost mad at the big brown meat in his mouth. Now that Joey has had a proper lesson, Zach continues the tonsil abuse until he shoots his fat load on to Joey's cheek and turns his head to watch the gooey goodness drip down his ear.
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