Hunter & Ashton's Morning Fuck

Duration: 20:28 Views: 279 Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2016
Description: Imagine waking up naked next to Ashton’s muscular body. Or the sun rising with Hunter’s handsome face and devilish eyes looking at you. Who should fuck? Who should get fucked? When it’s Hunter and Ashton, the answer is – both! These two wake up from a great sleep and get right into sucking and fucking. Hunter worships Ashton’s dick with his mouth and then Ashton pounds Hunter’s ass with his thick cock. Ashton wants to get pounded as well, so Hunter thrusts his dick inside Ashton, fucking him hard from behind. Both guys lose themselves in the moment and enjoy every thrust and every touch. Hunter fucks a thick load out of Ashton then feeds Ashton his huge load, who swallows every drop. The guys settle back in for more sleep, and chances are they’ll wake up horny again later!