Personal Trainers #4 (2002)

Duration: 2:19:11 Views: 79 Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2002
Description: Julian Armanis, Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik are the luckiest guys on the planet. They have the enviable jobs of training Bel Ami`s wannabe models in the techniques of enjoying gay sex on camera. Adorably versatile Josh Elliot, smolderingly handsome Alex Orioli, well-endowed Steve Bosco and perfect bottom-boy Ivo Falkow burst with energy, enthusiasm and raw sexuality. The cinema vérité filming captures every second of the explosive action in the three non-stop sex-a-thons. The fourth installment in this brilliant series serves to highlight four trainees -- two from the Czech Republic, and two fuck-buddies from Hungary. By the end of the first scene, we realize that the career of a potentially major, romantic porn star (Alex Orioli) has been launched (let us fervently pray). By the end of the third scene, one of the hottest stud puppies to emerge from Hungary (Ivo Falkow) jolts us to realize that not all gay porn stars from that country are huge, bulked up hunks. That each of them nearly steal this flick from the master trainers Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet and Julian Armanis, ought to prompt you to rush right out and get this two-hour romp and roll through the bedsheets. Indeed, the overall impression of Alex Orioli is of a younger version of the major Hungarian porn star Peter Kristzia-Victor Selvy. When asked what he is most looking forward to, he says matter-of-factly: "giving head." Just released from the army, he knows that his trainer, Julian Armanis, has a huge cock, and when Julian shows up -- quickly stripping -- the camerawork not only shows us this is true, but that Alex is eagerly anticipating a bout with it. With another Bel Ami superstar, Sebastian Bonnet, handling second camera, the banter among the principals, including director Marty Stevens, is cheerful and descriptive (great subtitles as usual). But when Julian and Alex decide to settle down for sex, there isn't anything anyone could have possibly done to encourage these guys to get to know each other better. There is warmth and affection in the foreplay, genuine passion in the kissing (often missing in Eastern European flicks), and total comfort in their comparison of their respective howitzer cocks, before Julian gets to work showing the novice how really good head is given. He is as enraptured by Alex's tool as you will be, and only after he has feasted on it in a variety of positions does he give the trainee the right to attempt an assault on his own long, long pecker. Consumed with sexual urging, Alex attacks it the best he can, but even professionals have would have trouble with this impressive piece of meat -- but the look on Alex's face is clear: He's loving it. After sufficient gobbling, Alex straddles Julian's loins and the two rock back and forth, running their cocks in faux-orgasm, kissing and rolling on the bed until Julian spots Alex's tight pucker and starts licking and sucking both the hole, his balls and cock, lubing up the hole for his wet fingers to probe in anticipation of Alex's on-screen deflowering. Condom foreplay leads to a great close-up of Julian's massive meat penetrating Alex sidesaddle, and the quick, steady fucking brings moans of pleasure punctuated by kisses from the two. There follows a prolonged missionary session, and then a break (they're both exhausted) before they finish up doggy-style, Julian spurting a tremendous splotch of goo all over Alex's back and butt, and then, rising to the occasion once again almost immediately, spurting an even bigger gusher -- he attributed it to abstinence from sex for three days. Julian fingers Alex's butt as the trainee cums -- not as much as his co-star, but then again, he says that he'd cum repeatedly the day before. The interplay between these two guys is excellent, and with the voice of Marty Stevens and the occasional presence of the beautiful Sebastian on screen as second camera (and alluring butt), this scene is a triumph in sexual energy, romance, and serves to introduce us to one hell of a potential superstar. He's paired with Sebastian Bonnet, who has matured into a handsome, lascivious pie-faced hunk, and although he pooh-poohs his own physique, when he gets out of his clothes remains a stunning example of sculptured manhood with one of the best sets of buns set on firm, thick thighs, in the Czech Republic. This scene is all Sebastian -- he does a wonderful job in a splendidly playful foreplay session (the conversation between the two and Marty Stevens is designed to relax them, and it does, in a playful way which is extremely sensual). Sprawled across a couch, the two get to work body worshipping and kissing before Sebastian gives Josh a lesson in cocksucking which serves to reveal as serious piece of meat between the kid's legs. He learns his lessons well, though he cannot quite go down as far on Sebastian's grand tool as he has experienced from his trainer. Throughout, the rapport between the two is remarkably teacher-student in tone and in action. With encouragement from Stevens, Sebastian warms Josh's butt up with a small black pointed dildo, and then lets the student fit his cock with a condom. Without stopping to rim his pretty pucker, Sebastian throws Josh's legs up and shoves his cock right up the chute, bringing gasps of pleasure from his student, thus beginning a fuck scene which proceeds to a back-to-front spread-eagled sit-fuck which doesn't need the subtitles to reveal their mutual pleasure, followed by doggy and scissor sessions that culminates in a super cum-shot from Sebastian which covers Josh's pretty furry hole. The teacher then cradles the student in his lap, back to front, and helps bring Josh to a climax. It's as natural a scene as you are likely to see in these sessions, and it's clear that Sebastian is enamored with this kid, or else the scene would never have worked. Two small town Hungarian boys who are total opposites come together to be trained by Sebastian and the champion trainer, Dano Sulik, in the last scene. Ivo he has a face which reminds one of American porn star Rod Barry, but not because they resemble each other so much as they look so innocent and dirty-minded at the same time. Dirty blond, with a sharp, tight body and tiny earring, Ivo completely dominates this scene as an insatiable bottom who is so consumed with sex that he is in constant need of direction from Marty Stevens (through a translator) to moan and mumble. But, why should he? First positioned with both Dano (a bleached-blond here) and Steve, he attacks both cocks with gusto -- in fact, he has to fight Dano for the rights to suck Steve's massive, hugely thick cock (it's got a head on it bigger than most sets of balls). Steve -- who is strictly trade here, without even kissing his pal, leans back and enjoys it until he and Dano toss Ivo on his back, lift his legs, and oil up his crack. Dano and Steve finger-fuck Ivo for a while (he winces at first but then lays back to enjoy it) before Dano grabs a monster dildo to warm up the hole for Steve's plunge. And, plunge he does, giving his pal a strong, steady barrage of cock which has the kid so helpless that he rolls over in the scissor position and lets his buddy plow away while Dano shoves his own massive tool down Ivo's throat. After more direction, Steve finishes off his part of the session with a doggy-fuck and then Dano slides into Ivo's hole scissor-style, while Steve sticks his massive tool up Dano's very flexible ass. It's a bit awkward, so Dano takes on Ivo himself and shows Steve how to really fuck a Hungarian twink in Prague, before they finally get the chain-fuck right. But the object of the session is to also train Steve as a top, and for this Dano gladly offers up his hole, though it is so sore from Steve's huge cock that he can't handle the missionary position and has to go into sit-fuck mode until Dano can no longer hold back and sends six fat loads of cum up his loins, and abs while Steve continues to thrust up into his ass. But, Steve hasn't cum yet, and fortunately we have a fresh trainer standing by in the insatiable Sebastian, who moves in on that fat piece of Hungarian sausage, deep-throating it as Steve kneels over Ivo, who lovingly licks and kisses Steve's ballsac until Steve stands, feeding Sebastian his tool while Ivo goes to work on Sebastian's honker. Notable about this scene is the extremely long foreskin which Steve sports -- each of the other three have a field day in exploring the possibilities of making it part of their lunch of cock. Indeed, Sebastian Bonnet has rarely shown such passion -- the animal comes out of him in this scene. Soon it's his turn to take advantage of Ivo's spectacular ass, and he does so while the apple-cheeked blond is kneeling doggy-style eating Steve's cock. It's that perfect in style, setting and action -- and it's so hot that when Steve is on his back, to continue having his cock sucked by Ivo, he immediately spills a load, which leaves Sebastian along to keep plugging the kid from Hungary. This he does in a variety of positions -- lying on top of him, sit-fuck and finally missionary, which he finishes off with a splendid load all over Ivo, who looks stunned to be covered with so much cum. Bringing off Ivo, however, has an interesting ending -- which has to do with the fact that he can't quite match the others in size of load. This leads to a very funny ending to a video in a series which continues to amaze me in its ability to make sex so much fun for all concerned, even when it's supposed to be serious.