Kent & Chandler Swap Loads

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Description: Chandler's and Kent drive each other wild during this flip flop fuckfest! The guys have a great time sucking and blowing each other. After some hot ass-eating, Kent takes the lead and pounds Chandler. Chandler's got a monster dick and is an amazing top- but watching that massive cock bounce from side to side as he rode Kent's cock shows how much Chandler clearly loves to get fucked, too! Once Kent's on his back, Chandler drills in deep! Kent takes every inch of Chandler's huge dick- and it must have been hitting all the right spots. Before he knew it, Kent was blasting a huge load all over his stomach. Chandler sucks Kent's dick dry and licks the cum off Kent's ripped abs. Chandler shoots his load into Kent's mouth and face before licking that cum up too!
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