Alex Feeds Henry

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Description: Watching Henry and Alex around the house, I saw something heating up between the two. I just knew that this pairing was bound to happen- and I wanted to catch it on camera! The chemistry so strong between the two blonds, you know that this is exactly where they want to be. Alex is overcome the second Henry touches him, and Henry is non-pretentious on what he wants- which is to get his ass rammed and thoroughly fucked! Henry plays with his insanely thick dick while Alex fucks him on the floor. Legs in the air I start wondering who’s going to cum first since they’re both so close! Alex holds on though and makes sure that Henry is being fully stimulated when he shoots his load. After making Henry cum, Alex pulls out to cum right then and there. “Oh no you don’t!” thinks Henry, grabbing Alex right up to his face to swallow his hot jizz!
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