Petty Officer Eddy Fucks Airman First Class Paolo

Duration: 15:35 Views: 18K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Eddy has always been kind of an acrobat. Today he's showing Paolo how to do handstands from a sitting position. Paolo says there's no way he can match that feat. So Eddy gives him a few easier tasks. As he works his way through the exercises, Paolo is becoming more exhausted and hot. He strips off his shirts to prepare for the next round. When Eddy does the same, his rippled abs and uber developed musculature is unveiled. Paolo ends up on his knees, eye to eye with Eddy's crotch, which he's checking out whenever he comes up for air. He pulls his pants down and Eddy's thick uncut sausage pops out, already semi-hard. Paolo immediately stretches his mouth wide open trying to engulf the log with the wet warmth of the back of his throat. Paolo gradually removes the rest of his clothing while managing to swallow the majority of Eddy's massive 9 inches of uncircumcised dick. Once the fuck stick is completely covered in slobber, Paolo is ready to have it shoved into his tiny butthole. The rhythm is gentle and slow at first, but once Paolo's pucker has loosened up a little, Eddy begins to slam it deep until his pubic hair is smashing against the roundness of the Latin boy's ass. With each thrust, Paolo grits his teeth and groans from the deep fucking he's getting. He grabs Eddy's thighs, pulling him closer until it seems the huge cock will surely poke out of his mouth it's so deep. Eddy is ready for his little buddy to do some of the work, and Paolo climbs on to ride, impaling himself onto Eddy's flagpole. Finally, Eddy is ready to cum and Paolo lays on his back obediently waiting for his juicy reward. Eddy's fat purple cock explodes a river of jizz onto the back of Paolo's throat, spraying his entire face and chest with a white coating.