Ellis & Henry's Flip Fuck

Duration: 18min 54sec Views: 5 514 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Ellis has proven himself to be quite the insatiable bottom, and it seems the harder and deeper he gets fucked the livelier, louder and more enthusiastic he becomes. You can definitely say the same for Henry, who right away made it clear that he loved to get fucked! Then when I saw the size, and in particular girth, of Henry’s dick- I just knew he had to be good at topping as well. Now the question was, how can we all get what we want? A flip fuck of course! Both Ellis and Henry prove themselves more than capable of delivering a hot fuck, and reconfirm themselves as amazing bottoms! The sex is so good, neither want to stop! So they finish off in a double creampie so that they can carry each other’s cum inside them all day as a reminder of their awesome afternoon.
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