Ben Fucks Kenny

Duration: 23min 37sec Views: 7 286 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Ben is horny and down to fuck so Kenny takes him to a back room so that they could get some one on one time. The two definitely make the most of it. Kenny works his way down Ben’s body. They strip down and rub their dicks together. Ben jerks off while he sucks on Kenny’s cock. Kenny slaps his head on his tongue then slides it in and out of his mouth while ben rubs on his hot ass. The guys 69 for a bit, then Kenny sits up so that Ben can eat his ass before he fucks it. Enjoying every inch as it slides in, Kenny rides Ben. His cock sticks straight up as he grinds into Ben. Then he bends Kenny over to fuck him from behind. Kenny earns the big load he shoots!
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