Petty Officer Eddy Fucks Private Seth

Duration: 27:24 Views: 12K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Petty Officer Eddy is interested in learning some field medical training from his Air Force buddy Private Seth. But it doesn't take long for their training session to get down to some serious mouth to mouth and mouth to cock action. Eddy's monster cock is the first body part to get some much needed attention as Seth demonstrates his expert oral skills. But even Seth's oral talents are stretched as he tries to deep throat Eddy's monster cock. The medical training quickly switches into high gear as Eddy decides it's time to test his new skills out on Seth's cock hungry ass. Seth's moans are enough to make anyone hungry as Eddy stretches his buddy's hole to new limits as he slowly slides his rock hard rod deeper. Seth lays back and eagerly takes every inch as Eddy starts to drill it in deeper and harder with each trust. In no time at all, Seth is begging for a hard pounding, and Eddy is happy to deliver his best blows to that hot ass. With Seth laying spread eagle, Eddy decides to grind it in deeper still for some toe curling ecstasy. Now it's Seth's turn to jump on Eddie's tool and ride it hard. Seth's hole fits around Eddy's cock like a glove as he rides the full length of it. Their perfectly toned bodies fit together in perfect formation. Seth has one more mission to fulfill, though, as he gets on all fours to get nailed from behind by Eddy. With his hands firmly gripping Seth's hips, Eddy gives his buddy the pounding he's been needing. When Eddy starts his hardcore pounding, that's all it takes to send Seth over the edge, spewing a huge cum load everywhere. After Seth licks up his load, he lays back so Eddy can unload in his mouth, and Eddy shoots all over his buddy's face. Seeing Seth's cum drenched face is enough to make anyone want medical training like that.