Petty Officer Jacob

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Description: Petty Officer Jacob joined the Navy a few years ago, primarily for the education benefits. But now that he has been in for a while, his attitude toward the Navy has changed, and he finds himself really enjoying serving his country. In just a few short years, Jacob has traveled to far corners of the world, serving in Iraq and traveling all over Southeast Asia. He typically wakes up at 0430 and works until 1600, and spends his days working with the sailors and Marines on his ship. With a lot of men in tight quarters, it can get a bit rowdy at times, but he loves it all. One other thing Jacob loves doing is stripping off his uniform and showing off his other talents. Jacob gets right to it, and slides his hand under his trousers. In no time, he has stirred up and pretty sizable bulge. He peels off his shirt to show his creamy fair skin, and tightly toned body. Then he draws his weapon from under his trousers and goes for a little open carry action. He can barely close his hand around his thick meat as he takes long strokes. With his pants down to his ankles, he lays back and gets down to some heavy stroking as his cum filled nut sack rises and falls with each stroke. His fingers slide closer and closer to his hole, until he lets his middle finger disappear into his hot fleshy chasm. The deeper his finger sinks, the wider his legs spread. Jacob flips over onto all fours and gives up the full view as he bangs his prostate. Then he leans up to show an awesome profile of his lean body and clenched butt cheeks as he continues to stroke his rod. He lays back and slowly works up to pounding his wood harder and harder while he keeps his finger firmly planted in his hole. Then he sits up and edges himself closer and closer before his whole body tenses, and he blasts a huge load, high in the air. It lands in puddles all over his alabaster abs before he slumps back, completely spent.
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