Tom & Hugh Get Wet

Duration: 17:39 Views: 12K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Having Tom in a video guarantees a good time, Hugh a show. The two together makes for one hell of a time with some hot action- of course we had to do it! The two powerhouse studs take it outside to have some hot sex in perfect weather. It doesn’t take too long for Hugh to hop on Tom’s big dick, and the look on his face as he slowly lowers himself on it show just how amazing that big cock feels. Meanwhile Tom’s face is just the kind you expect from the Alpha top. Hugh just can’t get enough, riding him reverse cowboy and then spins around to watch is face and he power-rides that dick! Hugh’s cock stays rock hard and his cock bounces against his nice abs while he puts in some serious work! That workout more than pays off though. After cumming from doggy-style, Tom drills into him and makes him shoot a second load seconds before he seeds his well-worked ass!
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