Sebastian Feeds Ryder

Duration: 20:35 Views: 40K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Things get passionate between Sebastian and Ryder. The two can’t keep their hands off each other! It had been a while since Ryder was last here, but he hasn’t lost any of that sensual appeal, or a bit of his good looks! He thrusts up into Sebastian’s mouth and completely fills him. Moving further down, Sebastian focuses on his hole- eating him out before sliding his nice cock in. Sebastian’s abs ripple and flex as he slams into Ryder. They switch to Riding and Ryder’s hard cock looks like it could unload at any moment. It’s clear that Ryder is enjoying the feel of Sebastian dick- and he likes it even more when he turns around to watch himself ride it in the mirror! Seeing how turned on Ryder is by watching, Sebastian has him get even closer so that they can see every detail. Like this, he makes Ryder cum- and leaving behind a jizz splattered mirror to clean!
Categories: Bareback