Ellis Gets Double Dicked

Duration: 27min 25sec Views: 14 229 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: When we came up with the Fantasy Submission Contest, I did not know what I had coming. Not only did we receive hundreds of submissions- they showed an awesome range of creativity and script-writing talent! Choosing just one was not easy, reading them all was a blast! Congratulations Scott- I hope we do your fantasy justice! When Ellis’s girl is away- the boys will play! As much as he likes being with his girlfriend, there’s a sexual want and urge that Ellis can’t keep putting away. Finally he takes the opportunity when she’s off at work to make his fantasy come true. The thought of having two guys have their way with him makes him nervous, excited, and anxious all at once. Lucky for him, Hugh and Sebastian know just what to do to quell his anxiety- and needs!
Categories: Bareback