Hugh Feeds Daniel

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Description: When Hugh’s horny, every hot man on sight should watch out! He comes after the dick whether you like it… and actually, no guy has ever not liked it. So how about, he comes after the dick whether you like it- or love it! Hugh slides into Daniel in two ways, first in his pants to suck his dick while he’s sleeping- and his hole with his meaty cock! Daniel is more than welcoming at the early morning booty call, and loves the feel of Hugh’s cock in his ass. We get a full view of Hugh’s ass as it flexes when he thrusts. Flipping him around and around the couch, Daniel spins like a top around Hugh’s capable rod- shooting his load all overs his stomach. Then Hugh shows him that not only can he fuck a nut out of the brown-haired stud- he can also plant his cum perfectly on his tongue! Daniel got sex and breakfast in one fuck!
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