Petty Officer Sean

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Description: Petty Officer Sean is a hard charging serviceman who recently returned from a tour in Iraq, and has seen his share of action and adventure. One of his favorite tours was a deployment to the Seychelles off the coast of Somalia. Sean was there to help ferret out pirates and build good-will with the former French colony. It was the highlight of his service. Now that he is back stateside, he can pursue other interests including showing off some of his other assets. He slowly unbuttons his uniform and peels off his camo top to reveal a massive set of pecs and biceps. Then his hands wander down to his crotch and start working his package. He slides one hand under his trousers and tugs on his growing cock. As he runs out of room, he drops his pants down to his ankles and wraps his hand around his thick meat and starts working it to a stiff rod. Sean‘s cum filled nut sack jogs below between his thick thighs. Then he lays back with one arm behind his back and gets down to some serious strokin. His massive arm works his meat stiff as he starts pounding harder. His dark skin gleams as he works himself closer. He throws off his boots and strips totally bare, then gets back on his cock.