Grant Gets Fucked

Duration: 20min 04sec Views: 22 748 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Grant has made quite a splash at Corbin Fisher and if the feedback could be narrowed down to the 2 main points over Grant it’s that 1. Viewers can’t get enough of him and 2. They really want to see him bottom! Today he takes the next step and gets fucked by CF Dean’s Lister, Kellan! After the chemistry displayed between the two when Grant topped him, I’ve wanted to give the hot studs an encore. Already comfortable with each other, the guys get right to it - with Grant giving Kellan a dripping wet blowjob! Kellan’s loving it. Hard as rock, he pushes Grant back onto the bed and slides into him for the first time. Having been on the giving end plenty of times, now Grant gets to feel all those marvelous sensations he’s been dishing out! Grant squirms and moans under Kellan. He reaches his hand up to rub on Kellan’s flexing abs and chest as Kellan slides deeper and deeper into him. As Kellan looks down, Grant gets lost into the sensation until finally and gladly succumbing to Kellan’s cock with long drawn moans and shot after shot of cum. Grant is left undeniably spent, satisfied, and covered in the downpour of Kellan’s load!
Categories: Bareback