Bobby Owens Is Back To Fucks Landon Wells

Duration: 18:21 Views: 560 Submitted: 7 months ago Year: 2018
Description: We’re welcoming Bobby Owens back by pairing him with sweet and sexy Landon Wells, and these two studs get right to work on each other, kissing hard and pulling the clothes off each other until they’re naked together. Landon lies on the bed and grabs Bobby’s cock between his lips, sucking his thick, hard member as Bobby leans forward to capture Landon’s juicy prick in his mouth too. They 69, Bobby’s balls on Landon’s face as they work those dicks and then Bobby pull’s Landon’s ass forward and gives him a rimjob, his wet tongue sliding around Landon’s puckered hole. When Landon’s entrance is dripping wet with Bobby’s spit, he lines his cock up with that tight hole and slides inside of Landon, filling him up with his pulsing dick, bareback and eager as he fucks Landon hard and deep. Bobby’s fingers close around Landon’s neck, choking him as he drives his cock deeper and faster, climbing onto the bed with Landon and getting balls deep as they both moan in ecstasy. Landon’s hand finds his own member and strokes it while he takes Bobby’s cock, letting Bobby use his sore hole however he needs, Bobby’s balls smacking against Landon’s ass while he pounds him. Bobby dominates Landon’s sweet ass until he’s ready to bust, pulling out and jizzing across Landon’s hole, pushing back inside and letting Landon ride him until he nuts, cum pooling on Bobby’s chest as they take some breaths and ride out their orgasms.