Hugh Fucks Weston

Duration: 20min 33sec Views: 9 756 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Hugh and Weston have been friends for a while but hadn’t ever hooked up, though they each wanted to. Neither of them wanted to risk their friendship by taking it to that level. Plus the timing was never right. Well the stars finally aligned and Hugh decides to go for it. He kisses Weston - and neither pulls away until they’ve completely fulfilled the their fantasy! The chemistry is through the roof! Hugh and Weston grind close and have some hot and intimate sex. Hugh’s topping skills are blowing Weston’s mind. He wonders why he didn’t just go for it sooner but is so glad that Hugh made the move. Neither are in a rush to cum, but with the intensity growing between them, it’s bound to happen! As soon as Hugh sees his friend’s white-hot nut he’s ready to blow!
Categories: Hardcore