Grant Rides Nash

Duration: 17:36 Views: 43K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: I have a feeling that this is going to be well received. I know I, for one, don’t get tired of seeing Grant in action - and am excited about what he can do with Nash’s big dick! Nash is one lucky guy. He’s watching his phone jerking off when Grant comes up beside him and offers to take care of his dick for him! They start kissing and Grant goes down on him. The guys head to the bed. Grant teases Nash’s hole and licks up his taint to his balls. Then, when he can’t hold back anymore, he straddles Nash’s hard cock and slowly eases himself onto it. Nash’s dick in Grant’s tight hole feels amazing to them both. Grant rides him like a pogo stick then gets on all fours to take Nash from behind. Nash pounds him furiously and then has him sit on his cock so that he can jackhammer up into him. This has Grant cumming all over the place which makes him willing to gladly swallows up Nash’s nut, after all - he earned it!
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