Private First Class Jett's First Gay Fuck

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Description: Private First Class Jett has been wanting to step up his fitness game for a while now, and maybe work on getting some more flexibility. His buddy is very flexible, and Jett is pretty impressed with his ability to bend and flex his lean toned body. To get down to some serious stretching, his buddy tosses off his flight suit to reveal his deep olive skin and swimmers body. He drops down to the floor and goes into a full split with complete ease. Jett immediately notices how hot his buddy is underneath his flight suit, as he lets his eyes wander over his buddy's body. The minute his buddy leans back to stretch his thighs, Jett can't hold back and lets his hand drift from those toned thighs to the bulge building in his underwear. He lets loose his buddy's cock and immediately wraps his lips around that thick meat working his rod to a stiff erection in no time. His buddy's eyes roll back as he thrusts into Jett's strokes. Then it's Jett's turn to get a warm throat on his long thick cock. He sits back and lets his buddy go to work on his tool, milking it with his lips until it's standing tall at attention. Jett guides his buddy's throat up and down his shaft with his hands on the back of his buddy's head. His cum filled nuts hang low with several day's load just waiting to be unleashed. Then Jett flips onto all fours and lets his buddy start working his crack. He pulls his cheeks wide apart so his buddy's tongue can penetrate his pink, tight hole. His buddy munches down on that hole, pressing his tongue against Jett's sphincter until he moans. But then Jett jumps back up and takes control as he throws his buddy's legs in the air and slides his raw cock into his hole, balls deep. He takes long strokes on his buddy's smooth tight hole, letting his cock disappear completely into his warm flesh. Then he starts taking faster strokes, pounding his buddy's hole harder and harder, driving his cock deep into that cum hungry hole. He edges himself closer until at the last moment, he pulls out and unleashes streams of white hot cum into his buddy's waiting mouth. His buddy laps up every drop, licking his shaft and sucking out the last few drops.