Dane & Ellis Fuck

Duration: 15min 51sec Views: 16 575 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Looking tan, young, gorgeous, and delectable - Dane looks good enough to eat! Which is just what Ellis had in mind for the young blonde. Soon Dane finds himself with his legs in the air and Ellis’s face and tongue buried between his cheeks! After getting a feel of each other in their bisexual three-way, the guys were more than ready to cut the pretenses and get it on! After some 69 action Dane begins his assault on Ellis’s willing hole. He teases, relentlessly drills, and slaps Ellis’s ass. Then Ellis jumps on Dane’s sizeable cock and rides him while Dane drives up into him from below. Switching to the side, Dane drills into Ellis as he alternates from looking at Ellis’s cock, and his face to read his begging expression. Ellis can’t hold back anymore and blasts a thick, juicy load. Dane follows and the two guys lay back next to one another, bulging abs in full display, cum dripping from their cocks, and smiles on their faces!
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