Jace's First Time

Duration: 20min 03sec Views: 9 839 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: You know Jace has to be nervous for his first time. He’s never kissed a guy before, and his first time is not only with a Harper, who’s been there since the first time he’s been on camera, but also live for everyone to see! I wasn’t worried though, Jace is so laid back and naturally confident that he’s able to excel in every situation he’s put in. Plus, we all know Harper knows how to take care of a girthy jock. Starting from the top and working his way down, there doesn’t seem to be an inch of Jace that isn’t taken care of. Jace thrusts into Harper’s hungry mouth and we can see that he’s more than warmed up at this point – he’s ready to go all the way! Jace goes from kissing a guy for the first time to sucking his first cock in under 10 minutes… and it only gets hotter from there as Harper finally gets to experience the blonde stud – in front of the camera – for the first time – and Jace experiences how hot sex with a guy who knows his way around a man’s body is!
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