Daniel Gives It To Alex

Duration: 15min 25sec Views: 14 073 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Talk about a ground and pound! Daniel grinds Alex, his has bounce and rolling in the air. Then he kneels forward and shoves his swelling cock into Alex’s face and thrusts into his hungry mouth. Flipping over, the guys eat each other like they got an all-you-can-eat pass in the ass buffet! Hard and ready to fuck, Daniel does not take it easy on Alex. Of course, Alex gives absolutely zero inclination that he wants anything less. Let’s face it, since he got a feel for the cock, Alex has become one of our hungriest bottoms. He smiles from ear to ear nearly the whole time as Daniel as his way with him – that is until It’s in wide open when he’s yelling out and blowing his load! It also remains open in astonishment for the drenching that Daniel gives him! To Alex’s credit, I have never seen Daniel blow a bigger load!
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