Bond - Solo 2016

Duration: 20min 20sec Views: 3 627 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: When Bond (formerly Otis at SeanCody) thought about coming out he thought, “why not?” When I got a first look at this blue-eyed hunk I thought, “woof!” and immediately got to work on getting him out here as soon as possible. I definitely haven’t been disappointed! He’s obviously an attractive guy, with movie star good looks. You could picture him in a tuxedo and a martini, or maybe that just me. Although he didn’t show up in a tuxedo, he did one better and chose his birthday suit instead. It fits him incredibly well. Bond’s body is manly, fit, and well-built. His dick is girthy, long, and slick with lube as he thrusts up into his hands, while his abs pop and bulge underneath. Bond lets himself get lost the feeling. He’s really expressive and unreserved – letting everyone know just how good it feels without having to say a word. Running his left hand over his broad chest and up to his neck before working it down to his balls, we see his orgasm coming, and it’s a good one! Check out the incredibly hot Bond!
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