That's So Draven

Duration: 24:00 Views: 125 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Description: Draven Torres prepares for his two o'clock massage appointment, and as soon as Kai walks in, Draven qualifies him as one of those customers who should get the 'special treatment'. Rubbing him down, Draven notices Kai checking him out and realizes that it's on, so he takes off his shirt, much to Kai's approval. Kai pulls down the waistband of Draven's shorts and Draven's cock immediately falls into his mouth, as Draven continues to rub Kai's back, slipping a finger into Kai's crack and massaging his hole, until Kai flips over and Draven climbs on top of him, taking his hard cock into his mouth as Kai eats Draven's ass, moistening it up. Draven slides down and mounts Kai, grinding his ass on Kai's stomach and plunging Kai's cock deep into him. They fuck like that for a while, before Kai takes control of the situation, flipping Draven onto his hands and knees and going at him from behind as Draven bites his lip in ecstatic pleasure, finally flipping over and going chest to chest. As Kai fucks him madly, Draven pulls himself off and drops his load between thrusts. As Kai follows suit and busts his own nut, he makes a mental note to be sure and book Draven again soon - Draven Torres, Kai B