Baker - Solo

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Description: Baker is a handsome 18-year-old guy that’s ready to find out if he has what it takes to fit into CF. We waste no time having him take his shirt off and show off for the camera. Meanwhile we find out a bit about the handsome stud. He’s a bit soft spoken, but not shy. He’s still coming into his own sexually and trying to figure out what he likes. He lost his virginity at 16 but up until now, he’s let his partners take over and use his body as they want. Now he’s here to boost his sexual education! The first lesson is an easy one that he has a lot of experience with. It’s been 4 days since he’s last jerked off – which yells out ‘ready to go’ to me! Baker lays back and gets to work, growing his cock with each stroke then picking up speed as he gets closer to a hard shooting orgasm that leaves him drenched in his own cum!
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